What is a Green Smoothie?

Blend green smoothie

A green smoothie is a blend of various fruits and green vegetables like water melon, lemon, spinach, cucumbers, and celery. The fundamental idea behind this is to provide all the health benefits at one go. Green smoothie has great taste and includes all the nutrients of delicious fruits and leafy vegetables.

The green smoothies are very helpful for those individuals who don't take the recommended amount of nutrients in their daily diet. According to some studies conducted in USA it is estimated that one third of children don’t even consume two cups of fruits and vegetables daily. This makes them deficient in proteins and nutrients.

If anyone asks you about your intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet then what will be your answer??? Not a lot of them may be. In fact people not even have the green vegetables in salads also. The salad which is prepared is loaded with lots of fats and sugars which don’t serve any purpose in our diet. It is better to consume it raw, rather than with cream or salt or sugar. So it is suggested to go for green smoothies.

It is a good choice to add vegetables to the fruit based smoothie. This is considered to be a very healthy choice these days. There is so much that we can get from these vegetables and fruits. They are rich source of minerals, vitamin A and C, fiber, proteins etc. It is always advised to include the green vegetables while blending the fruits for making smoothies. Green Smoothies can be prepared in seconds.

It can be called as the fast food by nature. People have started adding this in their daily diet. They are even inculcating this habit in their children. It is suggested to consume the green smoothie immediately after making it. This is because if we will keep the smoothie for long time then all its nutrients will be lost.

Now the question arises that why smoothies green is a better choice than normal fruit smoothies. Follow the link to find out!

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